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ljs coffee house for imaginary friends.

Complete with tea shoppe.

spirit companions, soulbonds, etc.
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soulbonding, spirits, spirit companions,
Spirit guides, spirit companions, spirits, ghosts, soulbonds, imaginary friends, angels, walk ins, muses, etc.

Suggested sites and reading.


1. Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology.
2. Mircea Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.
3. Graham Harvey: Shamanism: A Reader.

*More items to come.

This community is not intended to "compete" with other communities for more general discussion of spiritcompanions, soulbonds, walk ins, spirit guides, angels, etc.

This community is focused more specifically on people who interact with spirits on a steady and continual basis.

(As opposed to people who are merely curious, writing a book about this sort of thing and hoping to find research subjects or who are trying to figure out how to contact their own spirits or what have you.)

I do not mean to slight the people in the above parenthesis.

It's only that people fitting those descriptions have plenty of other options online and the folks this venue is intended for have somewhat fewer options which cater to them more directly.

This community really is for those folks who have spirits/soulbonds/angels
imaginary friends/muses/whatever else you want to call them as part of their daily
lives or even as parts of their families.

All the entries to this community will be friends locked and there will be reasonable precautions against trolls and other on line gits.

If you think you'd benefit from this community just click on the join link and I'll most likely contact you about it. :)

BTW-if you act an ass here you will be banned with very little fanfare. :)

***Please note: If you fail to post an introduction after a reasonable period of time you will be removed from this community. Please also note that folks who seem in any way fishy will also be removed. If you have been removed and you feel it was in error please contact leswamp @ livejournal.com to discuss it. Thanks. :)